Hysol 3430 Epoxy Adhesive


Loctite 3430 structural bonding – 2K Epoxy, multiple purpose bonder, fast, ultra clear
Loctite Hysol 3430 A&B is a five-minute, 2K-Epoxy adhesive, suitable for applications requiring an optically clear bond line. Ideal for bonding glass, decorative panels and displays and general DIY applications.

Your benefits

  • Medium viscosity
  • Ultra clear
  • Toughened
  • Water resistant

Technical Data

  • Working time: 5 – 10 min.
  • Fixture time: 15 min.
  • Viscosity in Pa-s: 23
  • Tensile strength: 36 N/mm²
  • Peel strength: 3 N/mm
  • Service temperature range: -55°C – +100°C
  • Colour mix: ultra clear

Hysol 3430 Datasheet
Part A Safety Datasheet
Part B Safety Datasheet


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